A secure way to exchange information.

In today’s business world, fast and reliable electronic communications are key for success. Messages and files need to be exchanged with contacts around the globe at the speed of light.

For many years, e-mail was the primary solution to achieve fast and reliable communication, but our needs now go beyond the capabilities of the established e-mail we have come to use daily and rely heavily on.

The BK Group has proceeded to a secure method of sending and receiving e-mails in line with the new GDPR/AVG legislation. This is done with the program CryptShare and is accessible via this Web Portal

The BK Group also offers you the possibility to send e-mails and/or files up to a maximum of 2 GB in a secure way to the email addresses within the BK Group

How to use

Please find here the instructions how to use Cryptshare

You can access the BK Group Secure Transfer server here