Client Engagement

We are not what clients may expect. We believe our approach to client relationships is different and refreshing. We are a specialized financial services firm with a foundation of rigorous discipline, yet nimble, pragmatic and adaptive in assessing and acting on new opportunities and challenges. A proven firm with innovation at its core. An organization that combines the resources of a global leader with the care and commitment of a small firm.

Our goal is not to be the largest firm with the greatest number of clients. We are very intentional and up-front about our style, approach and philosophy.

Our clients focus on preserving and growing private wealth and corporate or institutional success, and avoiding risks abound in today’s environment.

Clients come to us through introductions from trusted partners and counsels. And while they generally come with significant private wealth and corporate or institutional success, they come from all continents and from all walks of life and industries.

As a corporate, institutional and private wealth service provider, we aim to be our clients’ trusted partner. To deliver the best suited solutions, we use rigorous processes to better understand our clients’ needs and expectations. We reinforce these processes through regular engagement initiatives to turn our commitment into a daily business reality.

To be our clients’ trusted partner, we strongly believe in developing a close “fit” between clients and our organization. This involves taking the time to understand our clients’ changing needs throughout the life of our relationship.

Our unique and innovative client relations policy is designed to achieve the objectives by facilitating transparent dialogue. Some of the key objectives of this policy are as follows:

  • An introductory meeting takes place prior to committing to a full-scale engagement, to obtain a better understanding of the project requirements;
  • An annual expectations meeting takes place on the anniversary of engagement, to review and refresh objectives and priorities for the year ahead;
  • A transition meeting takes place when a key member of the team on either side changes, to check whether expectations and priorities are still the same;
  • From time to time we ask our clients to help us take a fresh look at the engagement and to help us understand where we are performing well and where we need to improve;
  • Ad-random client surveys are conducted to give the firm a snapshot of client satisfaction, helping us to identify tactical issues which need resolving, as well as common themes at a more strategic level;
  • In the event that an assignment is terminated or not renewed, we will conduct a series of interviews, to ensure that we learn from the experience and that any mistakes are not repeated;
  • Team training sessions are organized, to explain the principles of client satisfaction and retention and to engage our territorial business divisions with the process.

Some people think this client engagement policy is unusual

– we think it’s essential!