We are aware of the increasing expectations from our clients to deliver higher quality services in a world that changes at ever-faster pace. As part of our commitment towards our global clients, we make sure that our staff continues to develop both their knowledge and practical skills. And for this we created BKademy©, our platform of know-how and professional development.

Through BKademy© our team members remain specialists in their professional field, while staying connected to changes in fiscal, legal or regulatory frameworks at local, continental or international level.

Moreover, BKademy© ensures that our specialists in each BK Group location are exchanging best industry practices, securing this way the excellence of our services no matter where our clients are served.

Finally, we believe that power of knowledge can be leveraged only when shared. That’s why we open BKademy© to selected clients and partners for specialized training or consulting, where we share our expertise in compliance, accounting or corporate matters.